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Employee Information


Internal Vidoes and Documents ( )
  • Short videos and presentations on using many of the technology resources available to you as employees of New Beginnings
  • Software download instructions and access keys for many of those same resources
  • Shared content from your fellow New Beginnings employees
Using Google Education Tools ( )
  • A comprehensive informational website for making the most of all of our available Google Education Apps
Group Contacts Creator ( click here )
  • Set up groups with your students or co-workers
  • Share assignments, web pages, email lists or discussion boards
Internal Website Creator ( click here )
  • Create a classroom web page (or pages)
  • Have students create blogs, wiki's or project web pages
  • Post quizzes, calendars, assignments, or spreadsheets from your docs account
Personalized Homepage ( click here )
Create a personalized home page, add your favorite news outlets, stocks, blogs, and gadgets

Instructional Videos for Using Google Docs ( click here )
Watch these short 60 second videos on how to accomplish a number of tasks using your Google Docs accounts, including sharing, creating and posting different document formats.

You have lots of options utilizing the google educational apps accounts above utilizing the same simple login you have for your e-mail account.

Facilities Use Request

  1. Download the request form
  2. Fill out and sign the request.
  3. Mail the request to NBSF office:

    New Beginnings Schools Foundation
    2045 Lakeshore Drive
    CERM Building, Suite 415
    New Orleans, LA 70122

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New Beginnings Schools Foundation: Capdau, Nelson, Lake Area
UNO Bicentennial Education Center, Suite 120
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Phone: (504) 280-2309
Fax: (504) 280-2312
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