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New Beginnings Schools Foundation

The New Beginnings Schools Foundation is responsible for the academic achievement of four schools in addition to finance, enrollment, curriculum and staffing. New Beginning Schools Foundation network schools are recognized for their extended day, small class sizes, well-maintained facilities and strong parental involvement.

At New Beginnings we are constantly striving for improvement in all areas. Data shows increased student achievement in all subject areas for the 2016-2017 academic year.


New Beginning Schools Foundation is a pre-K through 12th grade learning community that innovatively prepares every child, every day for success in life, college and careers.

New Beginnings Schools Foundation provides a safe, inclusive environment that promotes partnerships with parents, students, and the community to produce lifelong learners that are critical thinkers. Our commitment is to expose students to data driven instruction that is engaging and provide meaningful lessons that will prepare students to be successful in college and careers.


A high-quality education is the fundamental right of every child. All children will receive the respect, encouragement, and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a global society.

Core Values

  • NBSF will provide every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, language proficiency, or disability, a high quality education to ensure success in their chosen career.
  • NBSF believes that that every student is a unique learner and NBSF will individualize instruction to meet the learning needs of each student.
  • NBSF will offer a comprehensive early years’ program for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • NBSF demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement by reviewing, evaluating and monitoring student performance data.
  • NBSF is committed to a culture of respect that includes fair treatment, honesty, openness, and integrity.


  • We will implement and support research-based teaching and learning models.
  • We will continually strengthen a culture of academic excellence that prepares students for success in life, college, and careers.
  • We will offer powerful learning opportunities through a highly-effective teaching force.
  • We will foster open communication with all stakeholders.
  • We will dedicate maximized resources to classroom learning.

Board's Academic Priorities

  • Organize and optimize resources for improved academic results
  • Align rigorous curriculum, delivery of instruction, and assessment for continuous improvement of student achievement
  • Develop, expand, and deliver literacy-based initiatives from prekindergarten through Grade 12
  • Develop, pilot, and expand improvements in secondary content, instruction, and programs that support students’ active engagement in learning
  • Use student, staff, school, and system performance data to monitor and improve student achievement
  • Foster and sustain systems that support and improve employee effectiveness
  • Strengthen family-school relationships and continue to expand civic, business, and community partnerships that support improved student achievement
New Beginnings Schools Foundation: Capdau, Nelson, Lake Area
UNO Bicentennial Education Center, Suite 120
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Phone: (504) 280-2309
Fax: (504) 280-2312
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